Business with Russia


Within the framework of its competence in international entrepreneurship, «ARC» implements the following set of cooperation:

  1. We carry out the search for the necessary goods / products / services in Russia and the CIS countries for delivery to your country, through our company.
  2. We accompany our work by building  business relations with Russian companies, CIS countries.
  3. Taking care in search for potential buyers / sellers of your products in Russia and the CIS countries.
  4. We coordinate your cooperation with your potential partners in Russia in the logistics of the supply of products / goods / services and other work. 
  5. We represent  your business interests in Russia and on behalf of your company .
  6. We advise and accompany the opening of your business representative office in Russia, to simplify business with the Russian Federation, CIS countries and any other countries, which included in the territory of Russia. 
  7.  We select the staff for your company in Russia for your open office / representative office with the aim of doing business within Russia and abroad: to European, Asian and other countries .

Development and building of international cooperation and organization of business contacts of small and medium enterprises of the Arab countries with businessmen of the Russian Federation.

How to build and search for business partners for cooperation between Arab countries Russian businessmen?

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